Sunday, January 9, 2011


Friday afternoon and Saturday was a much enjoyed day....visiting with my quilting friends and finishing my Redwork Winter Wonerland quilt I must say was my highlight of the week-end. When I got home and went to download my pictures from the day I noticed that someone must have taken my camera and taken a picture of me at Show & Tell.

I was able to bring a friend from Australia to our guild which we all enjoyed so much. And she even showed us all up ! She was the first to complete her Steeple Chase block...Way to go Jane!

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  1. Let's try this again! I left a comment but it seems like it slipped off into cyber space. First your quilt! You sure look happy and proud to be showing it off and well you should be. It was a lot of work. Georges is snoozing under mine as I write. So nice you were able to share your quilting day with a friend. She looks thrilled to be there too!


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