Sunday, January 22, 2012

How many is too many???

I keep asking myself that but I keep making more....bags and totes that is! Here is my latest
This latest bag is call a "Jelly Bag" easy to make! If you don't have a Jelly roll simply cut your own...17 strips and what a great way to use up some of your stash! Only this bag was not made of leftover stash!
While on one of our many trips to Ontario to visit Mom my sister and I would sometimes slip away for a few short hours and of course it was always to the Quilt Shops. We found these prints and the local quilt shop in town and the pattern came from a quilt shop across the border. Bunny Hill Designs..."Jelly Bags"....#1004


  1. I love it...better use of the fabric than mine...remember I used that really hateful pattern...I must get it finished though. Great job...looks so different than the pattern because of the fabric choice.

  2. ahhh thanks Sis....I am quite pleased to with it. I think I will use it lots. and what do you mean about yours...what was that bag pattern u used? I don't remember. And funny U should mention how different it looks cause I thot the same thing! I'm having trouble with comments again just like the last time I changed my i changed it up a bit. we will see if I can review your answer!

  3. It is in my September post.

    called the Miranda Bag. Hope you fix the problems...with comments. Got to love having comments. How else would you know if you are just talking to yourself!

  4. exactly!!! LOL well I see it seems to be working now so I'm off to check out your september post!!


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