Wednesday, April 18, 2012 I'm ready for spring!

Not sure if you remember or not but in December I completed a new throw for our living room...It was titled " Stella does Sping" have been snuggling under it all winter. I did have some scraps calling my name from that project and decided to make a table runner. Now that spring is officially here I have placed it on our coffee table.... but here in Saskatchewan that is the only signs I see of spring. I am so ready for the warm sunshine and the plants to be peeking through the ground... Please Please people if you are hogging all the sunshine it's time to surrender some of it to us! LOL

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Told you I wasn't in the groove yet....forgot to post about the pictures
The sink full of oranges and grapefruit were picked off the trees daily. I must say I sure miss that!
The cacti were beautiful in the park and all starting to bloom. The prickly pear and bogenvalia(sp) are probably my favorite.
And since I'm are a few more! LOL
Little golfing , little fun and a little sightseeing ( Hoover Dam )

No Quilt Shop Hoppin for me

But I did do some State and Prov. hoppin. Had a great time in Arizona but I feel like I have been going in circles since I returned home...why is that??
It seems to happen to me everytime I go away, but I best back into the groove. Host our Quilt Guild's Potluck here on Saturday and a neigbouring town has a quilt show from Thurs-Fri this week...that should help!
Thought I would share a few Arizona pictures since I have nothing to offer up in the fabric and threads department! ha ha