Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Grrrrr. why now

I've made it through all these months of stress, worry, busyness, anticipation ,tiredness and the list goes on, and just sailed through it all and now I awake yesterday morning to find myself with a yucky eye infection. Right eye just oozed infection all day...did the doctor thing and now it's in the other eye this morning! And I have babies here! Can that be fair? I say NOT!
Anybody got any good home remedies? I only have two more days with our darling little Olivia and her big sister Carly. I really do need to get better by the days end, and well if I don't I guess I will just go through one MeGa size of hand sanitizer. Well off to start my day and I guess I really shouldn't be complaining. Sorry , just had to vent!
Still have some things I need to get caught up on before my sister arrives from New Brunswick!

Monday, March 22, 2010

So Precious

I feel so blessed to have had all my children home. It doesn't happen very often so I savor every moment and anticipate of the next time already. The two little ones in the center have gone back to Alberta but I will still have my oldest daughter here with her new babe and daughter till Friday of this week.

I was so looking forward to Easter together with them all but it didn't quite work as planned....You know how it is? Babies just pick their own arrival time and we just have to work around it. So Easter at the Gibney's this year was just a few weeks early, but we had a blast. Just love the fun of doing Easter crafts with the kids and of course the Easter Egg Hunt! I will post pictures later as things are still a little busy around here. Well off I go to get the morning coffee going as my girls are just arising with there wee ones, and I love to cater to them as they sit and nurse their babes.....Even though I have tons that could get done, I will enjoy these few mornings that are left . Then it is busy busy busy.....Lots to get done before my sister and her husband arrive from New Brunswick

Friday, March 19, 2010

They have all arrived

My family that is. This Grandma is going to have a very busy next 4 days, but oh will she love every moment. Our once not too long ago family of four is now 14 and all 6 grandbabies 5 & under....hmmm, quess when our children get started on a mission they don't waste any time. ha ha

And not only have my children arrived but I think winter has decided to return to us too. I'm thinking I'm not very excited about that, but like i sid the other day, there sure are a lot of things in LiFe we have no control over.

My next week I hope finds me spending a little time down in my sewing room, tiding up and get ready for my sisters arrival from New Brunswick...I so can't wait!
Will post some pictures of our cookie baking, easter egg painting and sliding out on the frosty hills a little later...
Enjoy your week-end

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


For got the most important thing.....The Picture

Yes...the Next babe has arrived

Wow...Nothing like taking this Grandma off guard! I recieve the news this summer that my two girls are having babies 7 days apart....Arrival dates are suppose to be March 21st and March 28th . We haven't even reached either one of their term dates and we have two beautiful wee ones added to our family. Last week I added Olivia to my postings and now I have our 2nd grandson to add to our family. He entered this world very quickly on Sunday March 14th, bright and early....6:25 a.m. after arriving at the hospital at 6:10 a.m. Not much time to spare there for Mommy! Kohen Cameron weighing in at 7 lbs, 20 inches long. All seems to be going well as he has already been to the rink to watch his Daddy's first hockey game last nite.

So I guess all the anticipation is over for this Grandma; I now await the arrival of my great grand niece, who was due to arrive into this world before her two cousins...go figure, eh! Just goes to show how little control anybody really has in this world! LOL

I now await the arrival of the rest of my family as we celebrate the new additions together. What blessings we have truly recieved.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Our Newest little Addition

Olivia Jayne Uchacz joined our family just a wee bit early arriving on February 18th weighing just over 6 1/2 lbs. Her grand entry into this world was suppose to be on March 21st, but she decided she just could not wait any longer to be with lucky fo us. Mom and baby are doing fine and this Grandma is now back home awaiting the arrival of the next little one. Our youngest daughter Tamm is expecting any day now....oh the anticipation , hmmmmm

Now you just have to take a quick peek at Olivia to see how much of a cutie she really is.

Friday, March 5, 2010

A little about me

Hi there: And I really do mean a little about me! A journaler I'm not but would love to start a blog to share my love of quilting....Ok well maybe a little about my wonderful family and love for scrapbooking as well.
I am first off a wife to a much devoted husband of 33 years who also shares in my love of quilting through his patience and $$$$$ . LOL Not cheap to quilt these days. I am alos a mother to three wonderful grown up children that have blessed me just about 6 times with the most wonderful grandchildren. So do expect to see them in amongst my quilts as it seems I have lately been spending more time with them than at my machine. But no complaints here, except that the pile in my sewing room is getting just a wee bit high!
Hoping to meet some other quilt lovers over time as well as share and view others quilted treasures.
I live in small town Saskatchewan, and have been there for 35 years, and I must say I love it, except that of course it is just s wee bit too far from some of my family.