Monday, January 10, 2011

More Show & Tell

A few other ladies from our guild had some wonderful accomplishments and I just needed to share them with you too! I can't only be showing my Show & that would hardly be fair would it???

Julie with her cute little bags that are now off of her UFO List....
and I can just read her mind...."honestly Barb , do you always have to take pictures"!

Kathleen with the very first completed Tin Can Challenge....way to go Kathleen!

Donna with her Quilt of Valour...not sure how many our guild made but many and they are being blessed in church at the end of the month and then being sent to our soldiers...what a small part we can do for them as they show courage and strength for all of us.

Deb as she bravely shows her first quilt of what she called "not her choice of colours" she was very brave and went outside the box! Way to go Deb!

Kathleen with her Christmas Moda collection
all done up! We were all so amazed at how much show and tell she had and she replied "this is what happens if nobody comes home over the holidays"! LOL Well done !

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Friday afternoon and Saturday was a much enjoyed day....visiting with my quilting friends and finishing my Redwork Winter Wonerland quilt I must say was my highlight of the week-end. When I got home and went to download my pictures from the day I noticed that someone must have taken my camera and taken a picture of me at Show & Tell.

I was able to bring a friend from Australia to our guild which we all enjoyed so much. And she even showed us all up ! She was the first to complete her Steeple Chase block...Way to go Jane!

A New Year and New Promises

yes I guess you can call it New Years resolutions if you like, but I prefer to call it promises and yes I have made a few!

One being that I promise to keep my body in better shape....somehow over the past year and a half I have neglected to keep my body fit and I'm thinking i really don't like how I look and feel. So yes it is a promise to exercise in some way 5 days a week.

I also made a UFO List to send to our guild and I have made a promise to tackle one of those projects weekly. Check out my side bar....I will put them up there
Our guild president challenged us all to send a list into her by the end of January and each month meeting at show & tell if we have something that we have stroked off our UFO list our name goes into a draw for a $250.00 gift certificate at one one our local quilt shops. Now is that encouragement or what??? I have 21 items on my list.....hmmmm, I wonder how many times my name will be entered in for the draw? I will keep you posted...