Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Must not forget about my little project I had time to complete yesterday as well as use up some of those lemons in my fruit bowl. Even had time to take some to coffee row and share them with a few friends.

I think I did share that I completed my Winter Wonderland quilt and snuggle under it quite often. I figure I should show you a picture of it before it gets too warn out! ha ha I laugh but believe me summer or no summer, hardly a day goes by that either Rocky or I are not under one of those quilts. The little hat I finally completed for Olivia to match her little leggings is now a little out of season but I gave it to her anyway. She can always enjoy it on her dollies if nothing else.

The picture of the little "quiet please" door pillow is not the best but it was kind of hard taking the picture directly into the sunlight. I'm hoping that this will be a great way to let visitors know that little Lacey is Napping....

A Garden to Keep

This morning after my bike ride I decided to grab a coffee and a book and enjoy a half hour of the beautiful morning sun. The book I have started to read I picked up at our church library awhile back and forgotten I had it. A Garden to Keep by Jamie Langston Turner had me thinking of my tiny little garden and yard and how much I love it in summer time. I felt the need to run in and grab my camera and Share with you a few of the reasons I so love summer and my yard. The roses are blooming and the Tiger Lilies are popping daily and I love the colour it adds to my yard. I also had to snap a quick photo of my little pole bean patch because on Sunday Kayd decided that Gramma should have his bean plant to add to her garden. I'm sure it will be the cutest and of course produce the best tasting beans of the whole patch.... yummm yummm, my favorite!

Monday, June 20, 2011

You've Got One Hour!!

Well when I got off the phone with my sister these were her last words as she hung up....

" you have 1 hour"

One hour I thought to myself as I heard my hubby walking into th

e house from work. I didn't have supper ready and we had made plans for a quick bike ride on his new bike and I have a meeting at church tonite and my sister tells me she will give me one hour to have something new posted on my blog because it's been forever since I have done anything even remotely close to posting or even taking pictures.

Well I blew it big time....but like they say.... "better Late than never"

But I have done a wee bit of stitching while either sitting in the car or in front of the sports channel with my hubby. When our newest little addition was added to our family I thought maybe a shhhh babies sleeping pillow for the front door would be nice. Couldn't quite find that but I did find this old embroider pattern from my Mom and Granny's liquid embroider stash from what seems to be eons ago. I love these old patterns. And yes I did finally complete my "Winterwonderland " quilt and have even found moments to snuggle under it....

Hoping to maybe today to do a bit of long cabin around this little kittie with some of my left over reds from my quilt. Stay posted there Sis, you may even see TWO posts in one day!