Monday, November 29, 2010

Truly I am blessed

Look at these little creations that have filled my home with laughter, giggles, tears and sometimes even little pouts now and then. This past week was just like having christmas with everybody home for my niece's wedding. It's pretty quiet now, though. Back to just R & Me. What ever will I do to fill my day???

A little of the life and times at the Gibney home

Wow!!! From hosting the quilt show to Family arriving I must say I'm
surprised I have even found time to sleep! But I did and even found time to make these cute little mug rugs that I know I will use so much at my desk and the snowman family pannel went together rather quickly and if you look closely at the stars you will notice that many of them are embellished with crystal's....and the Paper Dolls from Blueberry Hill are for my darling little granddaughter. Now tell me what Grandmother could ever resist purchasing this material and doing something with it!

But oh so much fun and I just needed to share with you a few of my latest little creations and then I will show you our little creations from the oh my , we have been so blessed!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I had a blast

Our fall quilt retreat was this past week-end and yes! I had a blast. I just love it when I can eat, sleep and quilt and steadily repeat that over the week-end. Wake up at 5:00 a.m. and head to the sewing machine and a hot cup of Java. No lunches to make, no beds to make, no meals to make, no phones to answer and I could go on and on.

well I did actually get a block of the month block completed and 27 of the 28 blocks I need to complete my Winter Wonderland Quilt....I'm so excited, but I'm home now and yes Life in general has taken over and I have not even finished the one block I have left to do. Will someone please lock my doors and shut my phone off! LOL Only one thing happening on my list tomorrow and that is a much needed haircut and other than that I hope to quilt the day away!! So stay of the new me and maybe even a quilt top to show you!

Oh ya...I won a door prize this week-end....two charm square packs by Moda..."Spirit". I love them, now to decide what to make from them.

And I forgot I made a Hot Cakes pot holder to match my table runner. Hope to maybe get a few more made before Christmas

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's Done

the top for my Be Attitudes Quilt. Our quilt show is now 17 days away..... can I actually get it finished so it can be displayed???? That will be the question, and if I were the placing bets on me I would have to say no! But you just never know, do you? And then again if there were a few friends putting the pressure on me I might even get at it a bit quicker. Yes I would have to say I probably do better under pressure!

And then of course I have the center done of my Winter Wonderland and just had to share the next phase of the quilt with you. My sister and I have been working on this project together and she has her top completed with some spare polka dot border print that I could just not find anywhere here in Saskatchewan, eccept the mail box of course....thanks, Sis! I love how it is just the right shade of red too! I cannot wait to finish my star blocks and just for the record that would be 24 more of those to go..... and so the count down begins