Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Honestly......really ......where does it go? Every morning I seem to wake with great expectations for the day and then just like that, the day is gone! I really do have to start getting myself into some better way of organizing myself. Nobody ever told me that menoPAUSE could really have so many effects on oneself.

Forgetfullness is probably right up there high on my list as well as sluggishness , sleepless nights unless I drug myself up and then yes those raging fires that seem to burn on and on inside of me, and then yes of course there is forgetfulness, or did I already say that? See what I mean and how am really expected to get things done when this is how my body operates

Monday, May 9, 2011

It's a Happy Day

I awoke this morning to once again realize just how fortunate I am to be able to be the Mother to my three very special children and their spouses. One thing I surely don't take for granted is Motherhood. I feel the Lord has truly blessed me with such a wonderful family and what a miracle to have been able to have our three children and now as I look back over this past week that I was at my son's and daughter-in-laws I see those miracles multiplying. How special to be able to rock that new born precious baby in my arms and to play hide and seek, barbies and ponys and all those fun girly games with the two older ones. I'm very thankful for every opportune moment!

Home on Saturday and then Sunday was spent with my daughter and husband and their two boys. Always excitement and never a dull moment as we played inside and out on the wagon and swings. Now I only have to wait for four more days to have the arrival of our two little granddaughters from Edmonton. And I so hope that we will not have to quote Pooh and be saying " Tut, Tut it looks like rain!" because I so want to be able to enjoy the outdoors with the girls when they arrive.

So as usual I am so very busy but oh so very grateful I am! Hope to spend sometime in my sewing room too while the girls are napping of course!

So stay tuned as they say....there just might be some new photo's soon.