Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's been awhile...actually it's been a real long while

Hardly even know where to start but a trip out to Ontario might be good for starters. My sister Wendy & I planned a surprise visit out to Mom's for her 76th birthday. First time she had all four of her children with her on that day since 1975. In my opinion...Way way to long.

She had many birthdays with her children just not all four together.

She just kept looking at us, smiling, shaking her head, and saying I just can't believe that you are really here! Now that is why I love surprises!

Visits with Aunts and cousins added pleasure to our trip as well. As much as we love our family, Sis and I could not spend every waking moment doing family things and besides Mom had gotten her Passport in the fall of last year and had yet to even try it out! We figured it was high time, so over the bridge we went into Soo Michigan. Yup! You guessed it! Second stop(first stop was for MOM) at Joanne's and then to the Quilted Moose. I must confess when it came time to pack my suitcase it was almost 20 pounds more than when I came and the only thing that wasn't material was a small bag that was purchased at the Bath & Body

My plans for next week is to get a wee bit of sewing and organizing done, but nothing but pleasure for me this week-end! Off to see our newest additon to the family.

Our Son and his wife had a baby girl on Tuesday evening.

Lacey Brielle .... what a beautiful name to go with a perfectly beautiful baby Girl!

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  1. Hey there, you're right, it has been a real long while. It was a great trip, and Mom was not the only one who enjoyed it. I enjoyed it too! Congratulations on the new little one. Give her a hug from her East Coast Auntie.
    p.s. are you sure it was only 20 lbs. heavier? lol


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