Friday, May 3, 2013

Moose Jaw Quilt Show

8:00 a.m. and the van was loaded with a capable and friendly chauffeur and the rest of the vehicle was filled with fellow quilters.....and we were off to Moose Jaw.

                                         This is what greeted us at the main doors outside

I have to apologise but ...I have misplaced my pamphlet from the show so I can not let you now the categories that these quilts came from...
Thought I would share some of my favorites and then let you have a peek at some of the pieces that are so artistically put together.. Wow, what talent!

now for some very artzy pieces

This elephant was done by a 16 year old as an school assignment...amazing



  1. Thank you for showing such wonderful quilts.

  2. Wow, looks like you girls had quite a feast for the eyes. Don't you just love a quilt show...I get so inspired, I just want to race right home and quilt after being at one...after stopping at the vendors market first of course...there were vendors there I take it? If so, what did you buy? Come on...fess up!
    I love the bug cover...I have seen quilted covers on cars before, but on this VW is precious! Goin' Sew' cute!

  3. Yes you r right dear sister...u really do get inspired. Gotta love it, eh. Will show some more tomorrow. And yes, I do confess...there were a few vendors. About 20 to be exact and I will share that with you too, tomorrow of course. Nitety nite


always good to hear from fellow bloggers...thanks for your comment