Tuesday, July 27, 2010

From ZERO to TWO.....

Just like that! And all in a 1/2 day's work! Amazing what a person can done when challenged, eh? I love my blocks and can't wait to get some more done. Thanks, Sis!

But I do have to stop for the day, golfing is calling me too!


  1. Lovely blocks! Maybe they will soon multiply overnight and then there will be 4! I recently made a post on my own blog about some of the great blogs I have visited, including yours. Pop by when you have a moment and happy quilting!

  2. Must be time for another cyber retreat...it has been too long

  3. Yes I agree, Sis. It is time for another cyber retreat!! Next best thing till we can stitch side by side...

    And thank-you Heather. I so wish you were right, but they are multiplying but not very quickly. I will be anxious to put some of them up. I'm off to check out your blog!!


always good to hear from fellow bloggers...thanks for your comment