Saturday, October 16, 2010

It's a wonderful "RED" day today!

It's not complete, but I'm excited to be able to post a picture of my inside blocks all stitched together for my winterwonderland quilt and even more excited that I found some wonderful cream and red flannels to make a scrappy back for it...I plan on using all my left over reds as well as these new flannels to complete it. Watch out now, I'm thinkin I might be on a roll! ha ha ha... ya right! now that is funny


  1. Wow!!! I am impressed! Sure didn't take you long to get all that stitching done once you put your mind to it. We're gonna have to plan another conference call retreat. Looks great there Sis! Just think we may not be together this winter, but we can still snuggle under our same quilts and keep warm. Long way to go before that though...

  2. Thanks Sis....and yes I'm looking forward to our quilting session...I actually have some blocks all cut and ready to go. just say the workd!!! and yes, though the miles will serperate us we can we feel that togetherness under our quilts. I'm so excited to finish it! Who knows, we may even be able to bind them together....and I just happen to have a date in mind!! ha ha


always good to hear from fellow bloggers...thanks for your comment