Thursday, October 18, 2012


Yup, still inspired I home from New Brunswick and I'm just a stitchin queen. First off I will share the rest of the projects that I completed at my sisters.  This is my cute little fat quarter apron . wendy took me to this little quilt shop that had some of the cutest fabrics that I just could not pass up..I know , hard to believe, eh! ha ha

and next..... i made this cute little bag , pattern from Wendy out of an old Better Homes & Gardens Quilt book I believe

But these cute little granny squares you see here are  what my 2 1/2 inch strips will be turned into in this next year! I love them! This is a few that Wendy & I did up. Cute, huh? for my completed projects since coming home. and the best of it is that some of them have been on my to do list for quite some time
This was a connecting threads kit that a friend from our guild gave me a few years back. With it being fall colours I thought i would do it up.the table topper is called Jacob bean, but I think I will call it the gift that keeps on giving because I am going to donate it to our churchs christmas banquet to give as a door prize. I quite like it but I think it would make a nce door prize too.
These are two  little projects that i made for our grandchildren out of a kit that I recieved two years ago at a fall retreat...I actually stretched it into three projects...The little jack-o-lantern wall hanger was made twice...I can hardly give one to one family and not the other, right? So the Rob's girls got the table runer and Jen's and Tamm's boys got the wall hanging. I actually think that there might be a fourth one in the works cause I wouldn't mind one for my door too! hmmm wonder how long it wil be before I get one??
I found little bag and the make-up bag i made for my sister Pam...Hope to make a few more of these as well...cute liitle gifts, don't you think?
Well fowl supper tomorrow nite...big and busy day for me. Hope to check back in next week.


  1. I am impressed little sister! Very impressed! Bound and ready to hang...or use. You are the "stitchinin' queen" for this month, but look out! I am headed to retreat and hope to make good use of my time! The kids are going to love their halloween decorations...I really should get mine done too, but the closest I have gotten to it, is looking at the pattern a few times. Have not even plugged my machine in since getting home, but that is about to change in about 4 hours!
    Bon Appetite. (save me some stuffing)

  2. yeah!!!!!!but it is a bitter sweet of these days we are going to do a retreat together...have fun and I cannot wait to see the end results of this week-end...but do get a little sleep, eh! stuffing you say! I have been dreaming stuffing and not the kind you will be using this week-end, but i will definately think of you as i scoop and serve approx. 100 loaves of bread that have been all spiced up! Happy Quilting dear sister

  3. missed your fowl supper but hope to get to the quilt show next month. Is it in Drake?? I think I saw a date for the 17 th. Hope to see you there. It's been a while since we have had a chat.
    I really should cut out the adds when I first see them.
    take care
    in stitches

  4. What an awesome post....I love your blog....


always good to hear from fellow bloggers...thanks for your comment