Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My East Coast Retreat!

I tell you, I have done more in two weeks with my sister than I have done all year. Are you ready to see everything; cause there is lots! Well lots for me!

First off you will notice me and I say my Janome, cause it was mine the entire 2 weeks....I was a little worried about sewing on a different machine but it was like it was mine in no time!

  From Miss Rosie's book a schnibbles for me too
Can you see the X's , well the O's were not far behind...Once on a roll there was no stopping Wendy! They have turned into wonderful throw cushions...you can go to my sisters blog and check them out if u like. www.wendy-itiswhatitis.blogspot.ca./  
Dinner dates with friends are always fun and if you are really lucky you even get to see some Show & Tell. Wendy's "Schnibble" friend Sue showed us her cute little sewing accessories tote. Of course that just needed to find its way home in my suitcase too..Not hers but my finished one. Thank-you Sue for the loan of your pattern and tote. I absolutely love mine!  The little fold over organizer pattern came from my sister Wendy and that too I just love and find oh so useful. thanks for that pattern, Sis!
Now this cute little case I found in one of Wendy's books one morning while sippin coffee and enjoying the view. All made from scrap wool but not just any wool ...the gold is taken from a very favorite jacket of Mom's. Sister Pam made a pair of slippers using bits of this wool as well and Wendy & I hope to make a fall table topper one day with the remnents. Now back to the view....I tell you, it's a wonder that I even got any sewing done cause I could of just sat and enjoyed the water, birds and the view all day long...



  1. It was so nice to meet up with you again Barb. I really like your tote and considered for a moment seeing if you would swap! Lol... I like the addition of the handles. Looking forward to your next visit.

    Sue W.

  2. Woohoo! Two days, two blog posts! You are on a roll!
    I love your show and tell, but it seems you are missing a few items. You must be holding those back for day three; right?
    It was a blast, but it just makes me so sad that we can't do it more often...we could you know...a sewing retreat once a year! One year at your place, one year at mine...we should be able to sneak a few bucks for airfare from the "boys" pension cheques...wink wink.

  3. p.s. glad you were able to "bond" with my Janome!

  4. Glad you had such a wonderful time, and got so much done. I spent a weekend with my sister making a grad quilt, and it was a lot of fun. I love that you used part of your Mom's coat in a project. My Sis and I have both used some of our late Mom's stash in projects.

  5. Thank-you Sue for the compliments on my bag and yes it was great to see you again. And yes, Sis you are right all my show & tell is not yet posted...working this week and I might just have to wait till friday to do some blogging again. and I oh so like the idea of every year! LOVE IT!! And not sure of who you are quite yet YTSMOM but yes it is so much fun to be doing something you both love together..we live so far apart and treasure our times. I think of Mom everytime I take my cutter out now..so glad I made it. Off to check out your blog now! thanks again everyone!


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