Wednesday, July 24, 2013

# 3 Schnibbles finds itself completed and already at home...


and its under way...using up all that left over stash from my " Between Friends" quilt that I made for my girlfriend. I must say I did have to alter it bit because I wanted to have it fit my fireplace mantel in our trailer. I'm quite pleased and I love how it will match with my "Stella does Spring" quilt that I do take in our trailer for the winter.

And yes I thought I would show you my jar of snippets. This jar started out empty when I made my very first cut for my very first schnibbles, "Gentle Art"
and of course, I look forward to the parade on August 1st.....


  1. Well aren't you a smarty pants! You sure wasted no time getting that Schnibbles done! Looks great too! I see a few fabrics that are in my stash...we must shop at the same places :-)
    I really like the background fabric you used. Very nice!

  2. Ahh thx sis...and yes u r right. I wanted no time cause I will be on the road again and no machine in tow..and yes we do sometimes get to shop together and what fun that is...hmm the background material. remind me to tell u about that one...ha ha

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  4. Your Schnibbles is beautiful. I have pieced mine but have not quilted it yet. Maybe I'll get started tonight.

  5. What a great idea for your Lincoln Schnibbles

  6. I love the colors you used in your version :-)


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