Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Olivia's Garden

Did I have a great day or did I have a great day.... I wasn't so sure that I would enjoy it, but I headed off to the Arizona Quilt Show in Mesa , all alone.

 Of course I was very sad that my sister Wendy had already left and I could not get a .hold of the few quilty friends that I had made since being in Arizona. Rocky had agreed to take me and told me to take the time I needed and he would be outside in the park waiting for me. Well little did I know that I could of spent the entire day there but I'm pretty sure by then my ride would not of been waiting for me. 

The first vendor I stopped at was "Red Bucket List" ...I fell in love with everything she had in her store. Designer Michelle Hollis was such a sweetheart and the two of us could of quilt talked all day but I really felt it a little rude on my part to hog too much of her. After visiting for quite some time and of course finding many patterns, kits and fabrics to purchase she looked at me and said, "you must be Canadian" of course proudly I answered yes and she said I just knew are so sweet! Now doesn't that just make a person's day?

Well back to my title of my blog today....
           While browsing and enjoying all of Michelle's patterns I came across this Livee's Garden. Of course we did have to do a little grandma bragging about our Olivia's
Once home in the spring I told my 3 year old granddaughter Olivia that Nanny was going to make her a new quilt and I would be sending some sample fabric in the mail to her to see if she liked it and of course make sure it would match in her big girl room. I was soon busy stitching away and was able to give Olivia her quilt when she came out to visit at Father Day


  1. Sure wish I could have been with you at the show...but Michelle H. Had you are sweet!
    Olivia's quilt is very pretty and she looks pretty cozy all cuddled up in it. Did you make it bigger?

  2. Your Livee's Garden quilt is adorable. I searched on line for Red Bucket List quilt patterns and found some great things in Michele's Etsy shop. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks ladies...and yes michelle has some very nice things in her etsy shop and I look forward to meeting up with her again in the spring


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