Wednesday, May 26, 2010


with laughter, babies cooing, crying, smiling & toddlers running wild in excitement to see each other...yes my girls are home with their children and I will have a most enjoyable week. The only bad thing is we are having terrible weather...high's of 5 -7 and rain rain, wind, wind and more of the same....this has been going on since saturday and is not to let up for a few more days...
So sad, and I wanted to be out in the yard, playing and planting with the what's a Grandma to do??? Make cookies and paint and all that indoor stuff I guess! So off I go to organize my day with the kids
will post pictures later of all of our activity....and it won't be happening in my sewing room. Can't wait until i can teach them that!!!


  1. I know the Good Book says though shalt not envy; but I am so envious of you. Have fun..they grow up so fast...sigh

  2. ahhh. yes it is so hard to not be with the kids...I love it when they come home. It's ok, be envious! Can't help but just want them closer and with us more often, eh!


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