Friday, May 28, 2010

Our little blessings!

Now... who wouldn't want these little ones around 24 -7

Don't you just want to squeeze her???

I love the giggles that I captured here in the tub that nite!

All week I have been waiting to get pictures of the grandchildren in the tub. But it hasn't happened and I only have one more night! While out in Medicine Hat at our son's family I had planned ahead and taken pictures of the girls because I knew I wanted to make a collage of pictures with bathtub photo's to put on the new walls in the bathroom! It's looking like I might not get those pictures this time around. I did manage to get one picture of little Kohen in the tub, but that was it! So I'm posting pictures anyway, but they are not on the walls of the bathroom yet. We had a wonderful week together, and I feel so blessed.... the only thing that could make it better is that all of them would be here together.

We did have that in March when the babies were born, but already it seems so long ago!


  1. Listening to children laugh is just one of the most fabulous sounds on this earth. Here in the UK we have a tv advert for Cow and Gate baby milk and it features babies having a real chuckle and it makes me laugh everytime I hear it. You have a beautiful looking family there.

  2. ah ...thanks Shirley! I so love when they are home to visit with nanny & Papa! But the time just goes way to darn fast!


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