Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Get focused, Barb

OK, that's it, I really must be productive this afternoon.

I have these Be Attidtudes quilt blocks that are just waiting for my sewing machine to take them on... I wonder if my machine will win out this afternoon. Hope so, then I might actually show my blocks off before I put the quilt together! What do you think? Can I do it? It is snowing, so there is no reason for me not to be tucked in to my sewing corner.

Here goes, but first things first...have to feed those twenty hungry seniors their lunch of Jamaican Pork, Rice pilaf, Green Bean casserole, Citrus Cabbage Salad I of course dessert Coconut & Strawberry Cake(sounds interesting, eh!) I have the help of three other ladies, so don't be thinking wow! what a job for me to take on... Well I'm off to stir the pork and toss the salad and then maybe catch a few minutes at my sewing machine before I have to head out to the Seniors Villa!

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