Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's Done

the top for my Be Attitudes Quilt. Our quilt show is now 17 days away..... can I actually get it finished so it can be displayed???? That will be the question, and if I were the placing bets on me I would have to say no! But you just never know, do you? And then again if there were a few friends putting the pressure on me I might even get at it a bit quicker. Yes I would have to say I probably do better under pressure!

And then of course I have the center done of my Winter Wonderland and just had to share the next phase of the quilt with you. My sister and I have been working on this project together and she has her top completed with some spare polka dot border print that I could just not find anywhere here in Saskatchewan, eccept the mail box of course....thanks, Sis! I love how it is just the right shade of red too! I cannot wait to finish my star blocks and just for the record that would be 24 more of those to go..... and so the count down begins


  1. Hah! If I were placing bets I would say yes! You are not a night hawk like me, but I figure it is because you are faster than me. You get more done in the run of a day than I do , so I have to make my days longer. I assume you are considering machine quilting it. You can do it. I hope to get at my Bee Attitudes in the New Year. I didn't get the fabric bundles for each block so I assume mine will look a lot different, but I am looking forward to it. You did a wonderful job! And your redwork is beautiful! So glad I was able to assist in the border. Just 24 more blocks to go...heck you will have that done in no time! 2 a day and then a day to piece it all together... Mine goes to the quilter tomorrow I hope. Really anxious to get the binding on that baby!
    I'm betting your next blog post will show a finished bee-attitudes...come on Sis , I am betting on you!

  2. ahhh, thanks, Sis! I'm thinking you have more faith in me than "me". ha ha but you never know...I'm off to my retreat today, with redwork stars in hand ready to be stitched together along with the scraps to make the who knows
    Can't wait to see yours bound too! How exciting , eh to be able to work on so many of the same projects , share with each other and yet so far apart. Gotta love that we can do that!!! Have a great day!

    psssst. still waiting to see the baby quilt!


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