Monday, November 29, 2010

A little of the life and times at the Gibney home

Wow!!! From hosting the quilt show to Family arriving I must say I'm
surprised I have even found time to sleep! But I did and even found time to make these cute little mug rugs that I know I will use so much at my desk and the snowman family pannel went together rather quickly and if you look closely at the stars you will notice that many of them are embellished with crystal's....and the Paper Dolls from Blueberry Hill are for my darling little granddaughter. Now tell me what Grandmother could ever resist purchasing this material and doing something with it!

But oh so much fun and I just needed to share with you a few of my latest little creations and then I will show you our little creations from the oh my , we have been so blessed!


  1. oh the dolls look like the "Campbell Soup Kids" How cute. I have been toying with the idea of mug rugs too. Cute project..and saves on the to love that. ahem..but I would like to mention your choice of snacks is not very healthy there sis! I would never eat like that...

  2. Heh, Sis! I put that snack on just for you!!! I debated on the coffee mug and a muffin and thought....Nope! Pop and chips it is - Wendy will notice that!! ha ha ha and I too had toyed with the idea of making some and one day just decided to get at it....I love them. use em and toss them in the laundry when they are dirty and no having that extra plate around. the dolls are for Carly...I think she will love them. i bought them online from Sew Sisters I believe...wouldn't Megan just love them too!


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