Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Garden to Keep

This morning after my bike ride I decided to grab a coffee and a book and enjoy a half hour of the beautiful morning sun. The book I have started to read I picked up at our church library awhile back and forgotten I had it. A Garden to Keep by Jamie Langston Turner had me thinking of my tiny little garden and yard and how much I love it in summer time. I felt the need to run in and grab my camera and Share with you a few of the reasons I so love summer and my yard. The roses are blooming and the Tiger Lilies are popping daily and I love the colour it adds to my yard. I also had to snap a quick photo of my little pole bean patch because on Sunday Kayd decided that Gramma should have his bean plant to add to her garden. I'm sure it will be the cutest and of course produce the best tasting beans of the whole patch.... yummm yummm, my favorite!

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  1. I'll be waiting fro an update on the book. Your flowers are beautiful..way ahead of mine. No lilies yet, just lots of foliage, no roses either...I do have peonies and blue cornflowers though. It is still so feels like the spring that never was and the summer that never will be. Cute little bean plant, made cuter still because of the story behind it.


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