Monday, June 20, 2011

You've Got One Hour!!

Well when I got off the phone with my sister these were her last words as she hung up....

" you have 1 hour"

One hour I thought to myself as I heard my hubby walking into th

e house from work. I didn't have supper ready and we had made plans for a quick bike ride on his new bike and I have a meeting at church tonite and my sister tells me she will give me one hour to have something new posted on my blog because it's been forever since I have done anything even remotely close to posting or even taking pictures.

Well I blew it big time....but like they say.... "better Late than never"

But I have done a wee bit of stitching while either sitting in the car or in front of the sports channel with my hubby. When our newest little addition was added to our family I thought maybe a shhhh babies sleeping pillow for the front door would be nice. Couldn't quite find that but I did find this old embroider pattern from my Mom and Granny's liquid embroider stash from what seems to be eons ago. I love these old patterns. And yes I did finally complete my "Winterwonderland " quilt and have even found moments to snuggle under it....

Hoping to maybe today to do a bit of long cabin around this little kittie with some of my left over reds from my quilt. Stay posted there Sis, you may even see TWO posts in one day!


  1. See that wasn't hard now was it!? Love your kitty stitchery. I think log cabin strips will look charming around it. Gran would be so pleased to know her transfers live on.
    p.s. I didn't check back in one hour but I did check this morning... it worked though.

  2. oh ya worked! Nothing like pressure from your Big Sister! ha ha Got it done. but I could not really do log cabin around it. It would of made it too big and yes, Granny would be just smilin...


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