Friday, January 6, 2012


Not sure if you will have noticed or not but I have completed 6 of my PHD's for 2011. I think I have a few to add to my 2012 list as well as a few new projects. So I guess you could say I better get my quilting butt in gear! I do have my stella does spring quilt for "Show & Tell though and a few more Christmas pictures to share
One of the things that I recieved after Mom passed away this summer was this end table that I helped her to will be my table of blessings. It will always be a treasure as well as the photo's that I display on it! Have been thinking of Mom and missing her so much over the holidays and just wanted to share this as well. Love you Mom!

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  1. Feels good to see that big "DONE" in front of a project eh? I noticed that "Sleeping Beauty" is enjoying your Stella does spring quilt. Love that you put it out for Christmas...keeping optimistic that if Christmas is here then Spring is right around the corner! Where did the gate leg table go? Your "blessings" table..what a wonderful idea!
    See all the fretting we did about being ready for came and went and we are still here and doing okay...oh what we put ourselves through...
    Isn't it fun to be back blogging?????


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