Friday, January 13, 2012

A New Year......and a New List

Yup... we have been challenged again in our guild to complete as many UFO 's as possible in the 2012 year. Each completed project off this list that is shown at one of our meetings gets your name entered in for a $250.00 gift card at one of our local quilt stores! Guess I better get at it, eh. I have actually gone through my patterns and material stash to find that I have well over 75 projects to be completed. Now how silly is that? ...and yes it is; but what is it with us quilters cause I'm almost betting that you can be sure my list won't be as long as some others! I guess we would almost have to call it an addiction. I just cannot bring myself to walk out of any quilt store without buying more than what I went in for. Enough said about that....there I have confessed!
Now to share with you a few glances of some of my close attention because I'm going to be playing a give-a-way about half way through the year and it will help if you can remember some of my fabrics, and you never know some of those photo's might accidently disappear off my blog.

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  1. Oh you are a brave soul...I haven't counted and am not sure I want to, but I am working away at it... Good luck, hope you win the grand prize!


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