Thursday, January 5, 2012

Get Posting...It's not to late!

Guess I got told, eh. Those are the words I heard from my sister this evening while chatting on the phone...amd she is right. I knew this really wasn't for me, not sure why I really started this; actually right now as I type I am asking myself that same question again; "Honestly Barb, why are you doing this? You hate journalling or writing letters so why would you be thinking you can be a blogger?" But one thing I do know and that is that I am no Quitter! LOL
So here I sit, tired as can be but I do not want to dissappoint my sister while she is enjoying her morning coffee.
So a few christmas photo's before it really is too late to post them!
Christmas Eve
Carly snuggled under her new quilt that Nanny had to make her
Our little "Cowgirl"


  1. See! Now was that hard? Feels good too eh? First off, I love your "Believe" pillow. It is bigger than I expected. Great pictures of the kids. Carly's quilt looks so cozy and Olivia...what can I say? She looks quite mischievous ready to smack Kayd's head. Having little ones around are what make Christmas fun. Your pics are great! I was surprised to see you had posted already, after all it was less that 8 hours ago we were chatting! By the way...if you have a blog, you are a blogger! ...and you are right! You are no I will be watching for the next post!

  2. You're right Auntie....Olivia is mischievous, but in this picture she was actually behaving. She was "petting" Kayd's head. I think she liked the feel of his hair :)


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