Tuesday, April 27, 2010

First things first

Well I had planned on quilting the day away and doing some catch up in my sewing room. But you know how plans go??? Never as planned! But that is totally OK, because my change of plans involved having my grandson Kayd for a sleep-over. We have been having a great day as you can see. A little T.V. and popcorn, stories, baking cookies for Papa, trip to the mail and store and then before you know it the day is over. So I guess maybe tomorrow I will have a quilt top to post
So for now...I think I will just enjoy my little grandson, some cookies and a cup of Tea!


  1. what a cutie! Looks like choc.chip cookies...every little boys favorite(and papa's favorite too I bet) Love the changes to your blog! Looking good!

  2. ahhh thanks, sis...but it really is nothing fancy and I don't know what the heck I'm doing....We were supposed to work on that together....darn the time...where does it always go?


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