Friday, April 16, 2010

I miss her.....

My Sister Wendy and I had such a great time together here and of course the time just flew by. I remember watching the calendar days and getting excited for her arrival and just like that...she is now gone! It really isn't fair, but I guess life is just like that and I should be more grateful for the shared opportunities that we have.

Sisters make you laugh till your cheeks hurt, Sister can pull you out of a dumperyday. Sisters are always there for you, Sisters are heart to heart talks and remember when stories of our childhood. Sisters are good times shared. Sister are the best, especially when it is you....Love you Wen, sure enjoyed our time together and of course looking forward to the next time already!


  1. Ahhh Barb. You are gonna make me cry! I miss you too. Wish we were closer together. It was so much fun the day we spent working on the tin cans projects. shopping the thrist store. We really did not have enough time for just the two of us. I miss you too!

  2. ok, now I'm crying....I so do miss you! Thank goodness for memories! Love ya


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