Sunday, April 25, 2010

I Love Spring and all that it brings....

except the snow that is! I was a little sad to see the ground covering with that fluffy white stuff when I arose way too early this morning. And if you want to know why I was up so early it was because I just could not sleep with all the quilting ideas that danced in my head while falling asleep last nite! Every time I woke up these different quilt ideas seemed to enter my head. But it feels so good to be thinking quilting again. It's been far too long. Yesterday our town hosted our spring potluck guild meeting. What a great time of chattin, sewing and eating ....and oh ya a little stitch rippin' too! Our guild is working on our quilt for the fall raffle and we encountered a little error that set us back. But smiles and laughter stayed with us as we made corrections throughout the day. I'm anxious to be able to post a picture of our ribbons and bows quilt , but you will have to wait a bit.

But I did get my Tin Can Challenge back and I just have to share ....I love all my blocks and can not wait to decide what to do with them...I have posted a grouping of them all together as well as some small indivduals. If you have any ideas as to what i should do with them please feel free to share....Once again, thanks Ladies.

i LOVE them!


  1. Hello Barb,
    I am returning the visit and checking you out. I love your blocks and all those lovely grandchildren you have. What a lucky lady.

  2. ahhh, thanks shirley.... I so enjoy your's too. Kind of neat to get to know other quilters this way, eh! Looking forward to keeping in touch through our love of quilting


always good to hear from fellow bloggers...thanks for your comment