Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Grrrrr. why now

I've made it through all these months of stress, worry, busyness, anticipation ,tiredness and the list goes on, and just sailed through it all and now I awake yesterday morning to find myself with a yucky eye infection. Right eye just oozed infection all day...did the doctor thing and now it's in the other eye this morning! And I have babies here! Can that be fair? I say NOT!
Anybody got any good home remedies? I only have two more days with our darling little Olivia and her big sister Carly. I really do need to get better by the days end, and well if I don't I guess I will just go through one MeGa size of hand sanitizer. Well off to start my day and I guess I really shouldn't be complaining. Sorry , just had to vent!
Still have some things I need to get caught up on before my sister arrives from New Brunswick!


  1. sorry to hear it, but I hope it is gone before I get there...sympathetic eh?

  2. it is already started to improve..... not to worry! ha ha


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