Monday, March 22, 2010

So Precious

I feel so blessed to have had all my children home. It doesn't happen very often so I savor every moment and anticipate of the next time already. The two little ones in the center have gone back to Alberta but I will still have my oldest daughter here with her new babe and daughter till Friday of this week.

I was so looking forward to Easter together with them all but it didn't quite work as planned....You know how it is? Babies just pick their own arrival time and we just have to work around it. So Easter at the Gibney's this year was just a few weeks early, but we had a blast. Just love the fun of doing Easter crafts with the kids and of course the Easter Egg Hunt! I will post pictures later as things are still a little busy around here. Well off I go to get the morning coffee going as my girls are just arising with there wee ones, and I love to cater to them as they sit and nurse their babes.....Even though I have tons that could get done, I will enjoy these few mornings that are left . Then it is busy busy busy.....Lots to get done before my sister and her husband arrive from New Brunswick

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