Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yes...the Next babe has arrived

Wow...Nothing like taking this Grandma off guard! I recieve the news this summer that my two girls are having babies 7 days apart....Arrival dates are suppose to be March 21st and March 28th . We haven't even reached either one of their term dates and we have two beautiful wee ones added to our family. Last week I added Olivia to my postings and now I have our 2nd grandson to add to our family. He entered this world very quickly on Sunday March 14th, bright and early....6:25 a.m. after arriving at the hospital at 6:10 a.m. Not much time to spare there for Mommy! Kohen Cameron weighing in at 7 lbs, 20 inches long. All seems to be going well as he has already been to the rink to watch his Daddy's first hockey game last nite.

So I guess all the anticipation is over for this Grandma; I now await the arrival of my great grand niece, who was due to arrive into this world before her two cousins...go figure, eh! Just goes to show how little control anybody really has in this world! LOL

I now await the arrival of the rest of my family as we celebrate the new additions together. What blessings we have truly recieved.

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  1. Handsome little guy! Looks like his Daddy I think...
    Hope our little one arrives before I do...


always good to hear from fellow bloggers...thanks for your comment