Friday, March 5, 2010

A little about me

Hi there: And I really do mean a little about me! A journaler I'm not but would love to start a blog to share my love of quilting....Ok well maybe a little about my wonderful family and love for scrapbooking as well.
I am first off a wife to a much devoted husband of 33 years who also shares in my love of quilting through his patience and $$$$$ . LOL Not cheap to quilt these days. I am alos a mother to three wonderful grown up children that have blessed me just about 6 times with the most wonderful grandchildren. So do expect to see them in amongst my quilts as it seems I have lately been spending more time with them than at my machine. But no complaints here, except that the pile in my sewing room is getting just a wee bit high!
Hoping to meet some other quilt lovers over time as well as share and view others quilted treasures.
I live in small town Saskatchewan, and have been there for 35 years, and I must say I love it, except that of course it is just s wee bit too far from some of my family.


  1. Welcome to the blogging world! You just snuck that in there and waited for me to notice eh? Well do I get the prize for being your first "follower"? Just kidding of course. It will be fun to follow your blogging posts each morning with my coffee. I have added you to my list of "Blogs with my morning coffee".Nice to see you here sis!

  2. are so right ! I was waiting for the morning I would sign in and see taht I had been found by you! I too will enjoy our morning coffeee's together...Now I just have to stay home! Well actually this all started on an early morning at Jen's when everything was all quite and I had just finished checking yours out. I'm not sure that I can do this but I will try...Thanks for the "following" Love ya!


always good to hear from fellow bloggers...thanks for your comment