Friday, March 19, 2010

They have all arrived

My family that is. This Grandma is going to have a very busy next 4 days, but oh will she love every moment. Our once not too long ago family of four is now 14 and all 6 grandbabies 5 & under....hmmm, quess when our children get started on a mission they don't waste any time. ha ha

And not only have my children arrived but I think winter has decided to return to us too. I'm thinking I'm not very excited about that, but like i sid the other day, there sure are a lot of things in LiFe we have no control over.

My next week I hope finds me spending a little time down in my sewing room, tiding up and get ready for my sisters arrival from New Brunswick...I so can't wait!
Will post some pictures of our cookie baking, easter egg painting and sliding out on the frosty hills a little later...
Enjoy your week-end

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  1. Family of four? Which one have you disowned? I always thought there were 5 of must be just a little muddled with all that is going on.LOL
    I envy you the opportunity of having them all around you. Enjoy! I will be there in less than a week. See what you can do about having a little warm weather; I really don't want to bring all my winter gear.


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