Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Where does a person begin....

"They whom we loved and lose are no longer where they were before...
They are now forever in our hearts"

August 20th I said goodbye forever to my dear and special Mom....forever in this life, that is.
A very very sad day as well as the summer as I watched her suffer in pain and eventually slip away. My days are just not the same and there is such an emptiness that I can not imagine ever going away.
But one thing is for sure....I am forever grateful for all the time well spent together and all the wonderful memories that will be cherished forever.


  1. so sorry to hear about your mom. it is a sad thing to lose a parent.

  2. I am trying to post a comment on your last 2 posts but it won't let me..did you change a setting or something...if not it is just Blogger be difficult.

  3. heh Wen...dont know what the problem is.... i have trouble even getting a post up and running...grrrr. not sure what to do. when i went to comments on my home page i seen the message you left or I would of never know....another blogger left one to and i can't respond....HELP !!!

  4. call me in the morning and maybe I can help troubleshoot.


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